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Action Camera Accessories Kit
GoPro Hero7 Hand Strap
GoPro Hero7 Chest Mount, GoPro Hero7 Head Strap
GoPro Hero6 Backpack Mount
GoPro Hero6 Selfie Stick

HSU 43 in 1 Accessory Kit for GoPro & Other Action Cameras

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Product Description

  • Over 43 kinds of accessories (43 pieces) in 1 box, fit for GoPro Hero7 6 5 4 3+ and other sports cameras.
  • This set is much more durable, sturdy, and comfortable.
  • The larger size case can put lots of accessories, but easy to carry.
  • Suitable for every kind of outdoor sport.
  • Huge amount of accessories for a great price.

Packing List:

1 x Suction Cup Mount(7cm-diameter base) 
1 x Floating Grip Pole Mount with strap and screw 
1 x 360-degree Rotary Clip Mount with Screw. 
1 x Selfie Stick Monopod
1 x Bicycle Handlebar Holder Mount
1 x Plastic Wrench Spanner
2 x Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm
2 x Flat & 2 x Arc Mounts
6 x Plastic screw Bolts
12 x 3M adhesive pad(6 for Flat & 6 for Curved Mounts)
1 x Floating block with 3M adhesive pad
1 x Head Belt Strap Mount
1 x Chest Belt Strap Mount 
1 x 360-degree Rotation, New Wrist Mount 
1 x High-quality Storage Pouch
2 x Tripod Mount Adapter
2 x Surface J-Hook Buckle
2 x Surface Quick Release Buckle
1 x Frame Mount Housing(HERO4/HERO3+ cameras only)