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HSU Accessory Kit Bundle For GoPro Hero 9 8 Max 7 6 5 4
GoPro Head Mount, GoPro Chest Mount
GoPro Adjustable Selfie Stick
GoPro Hero9 Mount
GoPro Head Mount For Surfing, Skiing
GoPro Adapter Mount

HSU Accessory Kit Bundle For GoPro Hero 9 8 Max 7 6 5 4

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Product Description

In this kit, cameras could be mounted on different devices in terms of different situations. Helmet strap, chest strap, and monopod selfie stick are all offered here for choosing.

A carrying case is included to hold all accessories in outdoor activities. Other accessories such as screws, mounts, buckles, adapters are also included to be replacements in need.

Packing List:

1 x Medium Carrying Case (Red & Black)
1 x Handheld Monopod
1 x Chest Body Strap Mount
1 x Adjustable Elastic Head Belt Strap Mount
1 x Handlebar Bike Mount
1 x Plastic Thumb Screw (long)
1 x B Model Plastic Wrench Spanner
1 x long 3-Way Pivot Arm Assembly Extension
1 x short 3-Way Pivot Arm Assembly Extension
2 x long screws bolts
1 x short screw bolt
1 x J-Hook Buckle Mounts
1 x Quick-Release Buckle Mounts
1 x Tripod Mounts Adapter
1 x Bridge Adapter Convert for Go pro Mount Camera Dslr 1/4" Connector
1 x Flat Mounts
1 x Curved Mounts
4 x 3M Double-sided Adhesive Pads