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HSU GoPro Hero10 Hero9 Hero8 Bite Mount REVIEW

HSU BITE MOUNT Works WITH GOPRO HERO 10 BLACK! In this video I use their GoPro bite mount while I'm wakeboarding and my brother uses the mount while wakesurfing. I then talk about how well their GoPro bite mount works. Overall this is a fantastic mount for your POV filming and combing it with the HyperSmooth of the GoPro Hero9 Black makes it work even better. This mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras including the new GoPro Hero 10.

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Mountain Bike POV with HSU Selfie Stick

This #shorts video shows a new POV using a HSU GoPro selfie stick to film yourself riding a bike #mtb #ytcapra #mtblife Get one from HSU Shop from

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HSU GoPro Hero10 Black Hero9 Bite Mount Review by YouTuber TrailSage

Check the review from TrailSage for the HSU GoPro Hero10 Black Hero9 Bite Mount. "This GoPro accessory is a great way to supplement your footage. It’s good at getting those unique shot perspectives that can help tell your story. It is especially useful at capturing footage where you need to show both your hands. The ability to show your surroundings, and shift your point of interest, is something you can’t get from a chest mount, where your viewing angle is fixed. Also, having it in your mouth, and below your eyes, makes aiming your shot a lot easier compared to a traditional head band mount. Here are some situations I think it would be ideal for; activities with less impact like rollerblading and skateboarding...

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Latest: GoPro Hero 10’s Price & Parameters

GoPro Hero 10’s Price-€539.99 in Euro & $499 in the USA According to WinFuture, the GoPro Hero 10 Black will cost 539.99 euros in Europe. An official price for the GoPro Hero 10 in the United States is not available now. For the leaks from Roland Quandt on Twitter, the price for the GoPro Hero 10 Black will be $499 in the United States. Compared with the GoPro Hero9, it seems that the new GoPro model, GoPro Hero 10 will be more expensive. GoPro Hero10 Price Leak GoPro Hero 10’s Parameters GoPro Hero 10 Black is bringing with it a new chipset called GP2. It’s apparently twice as powerful as the one in the GoPro Hero 9 Black. A Hydrophobic Lens Coating It is...

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