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HSU Carbon Fiber Selfie Stick Review by YouTuber Danny Black

Check the review from Danny Black for the HSU 3-Way GoPro Tripod, Selfie Stick, Floaty Grip. The pole is made of high-class carbon fiber to ensure it lighter and stronger. Great for taking close and wide-angle shots while traveling, surfing, diving, snowboarding, skiing, and much more. "It looks like the official gopro threeway, but with some added bonus." "Design is getting super smart."

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The ULTIMATE GoPro Accessories Guide

The ULTIMATE GoPro accessories guide for 2021/2022! If you want to make good videos with your action cameras, you NEED to have the right accessories. Not only do these provide a mounting system for your camera, but they can allow for you to capture the most cinematic and professional looking shots possible. I'm always on the look for new GoPro accessories, and I thought it would be a good idea to make a video reviewing the best ones on the market.

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GoPros most important accessory!--By YouTuber Danny Black

The comment from YouTuber Danny Black. "I felt compelled to share this with you guys. I have made a lot of videos with the gopro and just the windslayer. I love the bigger gear and mics too but sometimes i want to live in the moment and not wrapped around all the gear I have. This is the perfect combo in my opinion!!! I hope you enjoyed this 30 second thursday!" Grab the same selfie stick and the wind slayer from HSU Shop from below links. Selfie stick:  windslayer: 

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Best GoPro Cases You Could Find in 2021

The best season for vacation is here and you might plan to go on vacation now. GoPro pioneered the action camera industry and popularized it among travelers and adventurers. In case you’re traveling with your GoPro, we warmly suggest you take a specific GoPro case to preserve it. While the GroPro Hero has always been a tough action camera, a protective case is necessary if you want to protect your investment. Or the valuable GoPro will be lost or ruined during long trips, especially on long hikes where people’s hands are filled with stuff. We have heard many complaints about that from previous GoPro users. HSU GoPro Carrying Case Therefore, an ideal case is a must-have during traveling. However, the GoPro...

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