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Top 10 GoPro Accessories Every GoPro Newbie Needs

GoPro is one the best action camera brands in the world. Every day, many people will go for a GoPro action camera for many types of reasons to record their unique traveling or others.  Many new GoPro newbies are wondering which GoPro accessories they shall buy when they get the new GoPro. Actually, a naked GoPro is not enough to meet your needs for shooting specular footages or capturing under-water photos. Moreover, a naked GoPro is very dangerous to use since the lens will be easily broken. Then you would lose a lot of investment. When searching the GoPro accessories on Google, there are hundreds of results will appear, from GoPro carrying case, GoPro selfie stick, GoPro adapter mount to...

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Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Scuba Diving

Summer is coming now and it is the best season for scuba diving. Many scuba divers, will prefer to use the GoPro to record their wonderful scuba diving moments. Those cherished moments underwater are worth recording, editing, and sharing with your family members and friends with the help of GoPro cameras. Unlike other outdoor sports on land, it needs more effort to record videos with your GoPro underwater. Besides the normal selfie stick for the GoPro, you will need some specific accessories to use the GoPro underwater, such as the waterproof case, filters, and other must-have GoPro accessories underwater. For the scuba diving adventure in the coming summer, please prepare well with yourself to capture the wonderful shot underwater. For...

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HSU 3-way Floating Grip + Selfie Stick + Tripod

HSU 3-way is like 3 in 1 product as it can be used as a Selfie Stick, floating camera Grip or mini tripod. So its a great product for beginners if you don't have to many accessories for your GoPro action camera, DJI action or Insta360 camera. The beauty if this product is that it has a foldable arm design so it can be used to hide the selfie stick from the shot but you can also fully extend it to get a wider field of view. You have a hidden tripod in the floating grip that you can either use to take a photo or record a video of yourself but you can also use the grip itself if...

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Will there be an Apple Action Camera One Day?

There is no doubt that GoPro has more experience than anyone with action cams on the market. On other hand, Apple stick to phones & computers, and gain great performance like no other brands. Though, many customers would use iPhone to take photos, record video or make vlog in their daily life. With a quality gimbal the iPhone footage is very smooth. Moreover, the iPhone has a better battery life, and it would not die even if you have used it to shoot for 2 hours. In a way, the iPhone could replace the professional camera since it is more nimble and portable for taking photos. However, someone argued that the dedicated cameras, such as action cameras, are better than...

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60 in 1 accessory Bundle kit Review

Check the review from Tomasz Nowacki. "HSU 60 in 1 Accessory Bundle Kit contains lots of different accessories that can be used with GoPro or any other action cameras. It's a budget friendly alternative to original accessories from GoPro that can help you to get started pretty fast without spending too much money on it. "

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