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GoPro Hero10 Shoulder Strap Mount & GoPro Hero 10 Dog Harness Strap Mount-Cool POV Shooting Gadget

Check the review for the HSU GoPro dog harness strap & GoPro shoulder mount from YouTuber Danny Black

"This HSU GoPro dog harness strap is very quality made and I love that it has a leash connection just to make your walks that much easier and also I love this mount that you can just pinch in the sides and you can actually adjust it to the angle that you want.

As far as the pet strap it's definitely the best one that I've used so far.

The HSU GoPro shoulder mount is a really cool piece of POV GoPro gear. You can strap it around your shoulder or your waist or you can probably get creative and use it in other ways. What I like about this is when you put your GoPro on, it's just really easy to adjust but it's also just like it's solid and then you can easily just adjust it to flip it around to get you know what's behind you or maybe just a weird uh up close angle at your face. If you have some extra accessories or maybe even an extension pull, you can get really creative with this thing especially if you get into like some 360 cameras."

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