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Top 10 Best GoPro Hiking Accessories

It is spring now and it is the best season for hiking in many countries. Many people can’t wait to experience the early spring’s magic after suffering from the winter’s coldness. Like running, camping and other outdoor activities, it would be a great opportunity to capture spectacular and immersive shots with your GoPro or other action cameras while hiking, especially in some great hiking trails. When taking photos or shooting videos during hiking with your GoPro, it is important to find some cool gadgets to keep your hands free while allowing you to shoot some incredible footages. We will introduce some great gadgets for hiking POV shooting. 1. Shoulder Mount + Extension Kit  The HSU Adjustable Shoulder mount could free...

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GoPro Hero 10 accessories bundle review (HSU 72 in 1 kit + extras)

The whole review is created by Advanced Flyer from FirstQuadcopter.  After I published my GoPro Hero10 review, I started looking for some compatible accessories. HSU had the most comprehensive bundle that includes 72 pieces of GoPro 10 accessories. Practically, contains everything you could ever need for this action camera, from plenty of mounting accessories to storage, diving, and protective cases. Or we could say the HSU 72-in-1 accessory kit is the best GoPro Hero 10 accessory kit in the world.  GoPro accessories can take your videographer skills to a whole new level. Using relatively cheap add-ons you can turn your action camera into a professional video camera. Accessories provide a way to mount the camera on your body, drone, bike seat post, helmet, or...

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How To Record Your GoPro Hero10 in True Film 24fps?

Three frame rates are standardized by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Editors, also known as the SMPTE. The 24fps is the standard frame rate for movies. In the era of streaming media when the line between movies and television is more blurred than ever, many television shows also use 24fps to achieve a more cinematic look. Cinema cameras, like the Blackmagic, Canon, and Panasonic usually provide the option to record in 24fps (23.976) or true 24fps. But, did you know that most cameras actually don't record in true film 24fps, but rather broadcast 23.976. By default, even GoPro cameras record 24fps as 23.976fps. However, good news is that you could use an amazing tool called GoPro Labs to...

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