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Tripod vs. Monopod: Which is Best for You?

Monopod vs Tripod HSU tripod vs monopod argument is age-old, and if I’m being honest with you, I own both. That’s because both tripods and monopods have their pros and cons. If you can only afford one, then allow me to break down the tripod vs monopod debate for you so you can make an informed purchase. Pros of Tripods The number one pro of tripods is that they are steady. It’s hard to go wrong with three legs joined together and capped off with big, rubber feet to keep it in place. You can set your camera on a tripod, walk hundreds of feet away from it, and use a remote shutter to take photos. There’s no need to...

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The Short History of the Fast-Selling Selfie Stick

Anyone with a smartphone camera is likely guilty of self-infatuation these days, and one of the more interesting products contributing to this craze is the tourist’s selfie stick. Selfies aren’t exactly unique to the twenty-first century, given anyone who had a camera and mirror in the past could easily take self portraits, with some of these even dating back to the 1800s. The selfie that some people take on a daily basis came into being during the past decade, starting with the advent of the MySpace profile picture. The trend gained more devotees when Apple’s iPhone 4 introduced the front-facing camera in 2010. Also that year, Facebook launched Instagram to offer a platform exclusively for photos and video. The network’s...

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How to improve your GoPro’s battery life

Iconducted a little research/interview a while back and I asked 44 travel bloggers what are their top tips for getting the most out of their GoPro.   There was one thing that people constantly brought up – the GoPro battery life. The bottom line was that there’s simply not enough power in one single battery to last as much as the users want. Especially when they are traveling a lot and want to capture as much footage as they can. Most GoPro models will have a battery life of 1:30 to 2:00 hours. Here are tips on extending your camera’s battery life. Keep it off when not recording Topping the list, this one’s obvious. When you have your GoPro turned on...

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HSU Action Camera Accessories Buying Guide

It is really an exciting task to buy a new action camera but you also need to be careful because you are not just buying a Camera; it contains lots of features inside. The high specs of the camera and the growing availability of accessories make it possible to shoot all kinds of fun and interesting video clips without worrying about damaging them, while also simplifying the way you use them so that everyone can become a creative genius. The guide below will help you to get the best details about the action camera accessories so that you can better use the camera for your adventure sports activities. 1. Battery + Charging Kit One of the first things you should look for...

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GoPro Rock Climbing Guide

Rock climbing is a test of both physical and technical abilities, so climbing generally looks great on video. So you want to film your next climb? There’s no question - GoPro is your best choice. In this guide to GoPro rock climbing, you’ll learn the settings, and composition to consider so you can capture your full adventure. Ready? Let’s get started! A trusty GoPro is the perfect camera to take with you on your rock climbing adventures. It’s small, lightweight, and it’s capable of filming quality footage. But before you start your ascent, you need to know that your GoPro is set upright and ready to film. The last thing you want is to be worrying about your GoPro’s settings when...

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