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Tripod vs. Monopod: Which is Best for You?

Monopod vs Tripod HSU tripod vs monopod argument is age-old, and if I’m being honest with you, I own both. That’s because both tripods and monopods have their pros and cons. If you can only afford one, then allow me to break down the tripod vs monopod debate for you so you can make an informed purchase. Pros of Tripods The number one pro of tripods is that they are steady. It’s hard to go wrong with three legs joined together and capped off with big, rubber feet to keep it in place. You can set your camera on a tripod, walk hundreds of feet away from it, and use a remote shutter to take photos. There’s no need to...

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The Perfect Video With An Almighty Selfie Stick

HSU selfie stick is made of waterproof& rustproof aluminum tube to allow you enjoy all water sports. Behind the photo frenzy and selfie phenomenon, you’ll find a smart and simple piece of equipment worth adding to your kit. Behold, the almighty selfie stick! Whether you point the camera at yourself or at your subject, here are a few tips to get the most out of your selfie stick: Camera Positioning What’s great about selfie mode is that you give your story a point of view. However, achieving an acceptable selfie is not as easy as it looks. Discovering a flattering angle, selecting a suitable background and finding your light is only the beginning! The trick to shooting a classic selfie...

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Landscape Photography Accessories, You Need in Your Bag

Landscape photography is one of the basic types of photography that all levels of photographers do. You may be engaged in it as a fine art photographer, or as part of a project, or simply for your own enjoyment as snapshots. Regardless of the reason for your landscape photography, there are landscape photography accessories and tips that will help you capture amazing outdoor photography images. Polarizer Filter A polarizer filter is one of the most useful indoor or outdoor photography accessories a photographer can own. It should probably be among your first accessories if you are a beginner to DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Additionally, with 16 layers of multi-coatings, this filter will repel water, dust, oils, and fingerprints, that way...

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