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HSU GoPro and Action Camera Windslayer. Is it any good?

HSU's Windslayer: a foam wind muff that is supposed to reduce wind noise when you are recording with your GoPro or other action camera. So last week I headed down to Largs Bay Jetty in South Australia and put it to the test. Does it reduce noise, is it worth the price of purchase and basically is it any good? Get the GoPro windslayer from Check out the video to find out.

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GoPros most important accessory!--By YouTuber Danny Black

The comment from YouTuber Danny Black. "I felt compelled to share this with you guys. I have made a lot of videos with the gopro and just the windslayer. I love the bigger gear and mics too but sometimes i want to live in the moment and not wrapped around all the gear I have. This is the perfect combo in my opinion!!! I hope you enjoyed this 30 second thursday!" Grab the same selfie stick and the wind slayer from HSU Shop from below links. Selfie stick:  windslayer: 

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What's the best GoPro wind noise reduction?

If you use a GoPro to film your MTB rides then you need some sort of wind noise reduction accessory. What's the best wind noise reduction? Please kindly check the review for the HSU GoPro wind cover from YouTuber Jared Hoffman. “Today I'm excited to show you the HSU Windslayer, which is the most convenient and easy to use wind noise reduction device I've used for my GoPro Hero 9 Black. It actually comes in a two pack, at a bargain price, and fits the GoPro 8 as well.”

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