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Windslayer: Wind Noise Reduction Test [GoPro Hero 9 Black & Hero 10 HSU Sponge Foam Case Cover]

Product Review and Testing / Actual Test: HSU Windslayer Cover for GoPro Hero 9 - GoPro Media Mod cheaper and more affordable alternative - a wind noise reduction sponge video muffler housing case. HSU GoPro Hero10 Hero9 Black Windslayer - GoPro Wind Muff Wind Noise Reduction. 2PCs: Package contains: 2 x windslayer cover foam case for GoPro Hero 9 Black. Microphone Sponge Foam Cover for Gopro Hero 9 to reduce wind noise. Wind noise suppression, wind reduction accessory for GoPro Hero 9 Black and GoPro Hero 10 - Sponge foam case cover, windshield wind noise reduction cover shell windproof to enhance microphone audio capture.  

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